Cell Collection Survey for Industry

As the fields of cell and gene therapies grow, so may the burdens on both apheresis cell collection centers and industry as companies sponsor multiple protocols. Standardization of some common collection parameters may reduce this burden on both. Improved consistency and standardization would also improve product quality and potentially improve patient outcomes while reducing errors and audit fatigue.

The Standards Coordinating Body has convened a working group of experts from industry, apheresis cell collection centers, processing laboratories, accreditation bodies, research centers, and other stakeholders to work towards these goals. Two surveys have been developed to assess current practices. One is intended for industry to identify overlap and identify areas of alignment. The second is for apheresis collection centers to assess common challenges with multiple protocols and data collection. A summary of the responses of both will be used by the work group as a foundation for next steps.

You are receiving this to collect information on the industry perspective. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey! It should take about 20-25 minutes and your input is integral to SCB’s standards initiatives and our goals to expedite the delivery of cell and gene therapies to patients. For the purposes of data collection, please base your responses on pre-COVID-19 operations. 

If you are not the correct contact for this survey, please forward to that person or email [email protected] with the correct contact’s information.
What is your company name?
How many cell/gene therapy products, under Investigational New Drug (IND) or Biologic License Application (BLA) does your company manufacture that require cells collected by apheresis as starting material?
From which age groups do you use cells collected by apheresis?
What are the types of products that your company currently manufactures? Please select all that apply.
Which of these materials does your company plan to manufacture within the next year? Please select all that apply.
Does your company require apheresis acquisition for research or commercial (or both)?
How many collection facilities are collecting cells by apheresis for your company?
Approximately how many cell collections per year are performed for your company?
What is the estimated expected increase in collections per year in the near future?
In what country/ies are the collection facilities located?
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